Green Vacations: Rancho Margot (Part 2 of 3)

Alexandra shades her face from the sun in the Quagga Green Kovalam Striped Floppy biodegradable paper straw hat. Photo by Jeremy Goss in partnership with Big Life Foundation.

While we are in the midst of the scariest pandemic of our lifetimes, stuck at home in quarantine, let’s dream about our next green vacation…Costa Rica!

 Second Stop: Rancho Margot, Costa Rica

 Costa Rica tops anyone’s list of eco-friendly vacation destinations, and with good reason. The country was one of the first to recognize the importance of sustainable tourism and is on its way to becoming the world’s first truly carbon-neutral nation. The country’s protection of its forests and beaches is setting the standard for environmental conservation.

Rancho Margot Eco-Lodge, in Costa Rica shows that sustainability and amenities can co-exist. This off-the-grid lodge combines luxury, adventure, and environmentalism to provide something for everybody. The lodge aims for 100% self-sustainability, producing everything from food to soap on-site and with an eye toward eliminating waste. In fact, Rancho Margot was recognized as Costa Rica’s first carbon-negative company in 2012. Living roofs, hydroelectric power, and furniture made from repurposed materials provide comfort with a focus on conservation.

The off-the-grid lodge will both relax you and excite you with adventures!

Visitors to Rancho Margot can partake in a wide variety of activities that take advantage of the lodge’s expansive grounds within Costa Rica’s pristine forests. The area can be explored on foot, on horseback, or by kayak. Fishing provides hours of relaxation and guests can take a dip in one of Rancho Margot’s spring-fed pools. You can also leave the lodge to enjoy all the exploration opportunities the area has to offer. Nearby Arenal Volcano Park offers challenging hikes, zip-lining through the forest, whitewater rafting, and tours of the region’s chocolate farms.

Explore nearby Arenal Volcano Park while staying at Rancho Margot.

Rancho Margot offers more than outdoor adventure, though. Sustainability and luxury come together in the lodge’s first-class amenities. Twice-daily yoga classes and professional massage services let you unwind in a peaceful tropical setting. Common areas provide WiFi access in addition to a well-stocked library, playground, athletic facilities, and a well-stocked bar. The on-site restaurant uses no processed foods. 75% of the food comes from Rancho Margot’s grounds, with the rest being locally sourced from independent growers.

Get a cold drink at the well-stocked bar at Rancho Margot.

Of course, Rancho Margot is more than just an eco-lodge. It is also a working organic farm with a community dedicated to service and environmentalism. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of Rancho Margot’s educational programs to learn more about sustainability. You can tour the organic ranch, which includes grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, and of course, organic produce. The ranch also provides learning opportunities, from milking the cows that provide all the restaurant’s yogurt and cheese to touring the vegetable gardens. The truly dedicated can even receive free lodgings in exchange for volunteer work on the farm or in the community.

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