World Issues

The Environment

Quagga Green is joining the fight against environmental destruction because pretty soon we will be beyond the point of no return. Already several species of animals have gone extinct due to our actions and we can never bring them back. Every day the climate and other species are impacted by how us humans live and act. The fashion industry has unfortunately played its role in this problem with fast fashion, throw away products. Every season a heap of perfectly good products and materials find their way into the garbage dumps of the world along with manufacturing processes that pump pollutants into the air we breathe and the water we drink.


Quagga Green stands against the misuse of the human being.  The cliche of the foreign sweatshop worker toiling away for mere cents a day so Americans can have cheap, fashionable wear is an evil Quagga Green vehemently stands against.  We pride ourselves on creating long-standing, close personal relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. We pay fair rates for our goods and visit their locations in person to ensure people are working in safe and productive environments.