The Team

Barry Horn

Owner & Founder

Barry Horn is the owner and founder of Quagga Green. After a successful career in the fashion industry and selling his previous company, A&E Group, in 2008, Barry created Quagga Green based on his passion for helping protect the environment, indigenous peoples, and offering sustainable fashion. He is an avid traveler and makes many trips to Africa and other destinations around the world to help support areas in need.

Connie Bourgeois

Creative Director, Conjetta Designs

Connie Bourgeois, of Conjetta Designs, brings over a decade of fashion industry experience in design and development. After starting her career in fashion, Connie quickly noticed all the harm caused by the industry, both to people, and the environment. She looked for ways that brands could do better. She quickly aligned with Barry and the ethos at Quagga Green Label.  She has made it her mission to ensure the integrity of the brand, and uphold the values of sustainability, inclusivity, and empowerment across all business practices.