About Quagga Green

Quagga Green was established in St. Charles, Missouri in 2016. Our goal is to bring fashionable products to market that customers can feel good about. The product we develop and manufacture are all made from recycled and/or renewable resources. We keep plastic waste out of landfills and ecosystems by breaking down plastic bottles and converting them into beautiful recycled polyester fabrics. Lenzing modal is another favorite fiber of ours. This lightweight and beautifully flowy fabric is made from beech tree pulp that is harvested without harming the trees in the process. We also love to incorporate organic cotton into our styles over conventional cotton, as it drastically reduces the amount of soil and water pollution.

As world travelers, the design team at Quagga Green is deeply inspired by global cultures. We hope our combination of multicultural trends, fashion sense, attention to detail, and unique designs creates a sense of curiosity and wanderlust in our customers. We hope to inspire others to learn more about the many wonderful cultures around the world.

Quagga Green’s¬†Commitment to You and the World

Design and deliver fashionable, on-trend “green” clothing and accessories.

Treat others with dignity and compassion.

Use organic and recycle where possible to stop the vicious cycle of pollution.

Develop and maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers.

Produce products of exceptional quality at competitive prices.

We look forward to making a difference together!